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Wed Jan 18 19:41:19 GMT 2006

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Hi Kevin,

I have been watching the mail log and have seen this error [] (may be forged)

This is a valid mail server on the guys site

my mailertable looks like this	esmtp:[xx.xx.xx.xx]

I can send e-mail to his site but he cant send mail out through my server

Hope this helps


Shortt, Kevin wrote:
> Is your mailscanner server just scrubbing the mail and passing onto another
> host for deliver?
> If so, then you need to use the mailertable.  What does your mailertable
> look like?
> -k
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> Guys I have hit a snag.
> I have configured a new set of domains and have configured 
> the mailertable relay-domains
> I have added the domains to the access file
> domain	RELAY
> and the sending IP of the mailserver
> ipaddress	RELAY
> When I try to send a mail to a domain outside the Mailscanner 
> machine it says relaying denied.
> I have tried this command on the access file
> makemap hash /etc/mail/access < /etc/mail/access
> but is still does not want to allow the mailserver to relay e-mail.
> What am I missing guys
> I am using sendmail
> Thanks
> Lance
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