Chris Kissinger chrisk at
Fri Jan 13 19:02:19 GMT 2006

Well as Stefan stated back in 8/2004 the update made to the script would
only work up to ver 999 and as of December 2005 Trend has rolled to a 100
series again. Without a complete rewrite of the script here's 2 quick and
easy changes that should make it continue to work.

Change line 24:
CURRENTVER=`ls $PackageDir/* | grep lpt | tail -1 |  cut -d. -f 2`
CURRENTVER=`ls -rt $PackageDir/* | grep lpt | tail -1 |  cut -d. -f 2`

And line 42:

I'm pretty sure if Trend's numbers are going backwards it's going to be for
good reason so no need to check for anything actually being a smaller

Chris Kissinger

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