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> Hi there,
> i am using OpenSuse (SuSE10) with sendmail.
>  Sendmail version 8.13.4
> After a reboot of the System, within the Mail-Log i can find a line like:
> Jan 10 20:17:20 s23 sendmail-in[4084]: unable to write pid to
> /var/run/ file in use by another process
> but, connects via port 25 are possible.
> After typing: rcMailScanner restart there is the following within the
> Maillog:
> Jan 10 20:19:07 s23 sendmail-client[4874]: starting daemon (8.13.4):
> persistent-queueing at 00:01:00
> and no connects on port 25 are possible.
> Is there a way to change this behaviour?
> Marcel

Try stopping MailScanner. Kill all sendmail processes and restart
MailScanner. Also make sure that sendmail is not starting from an init

	chkconfig sendmail off

The MailScanner init script starts and stops sendmail so the sendmail init
script should never be enabled.

Hope this helps,


Stephen Swaney
Fort Systems Ltd.
stephen.swaney at

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