Beta 4.50.4 released -- faster than 4.49

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Wed Jan 4 22:40:21 GMT 2006


> One thing worth mentioning: if you use rcpt splitting (one message per 
> recipient) then you should see a massive speed improvement with this version.
> Raymond --- this may help you!

Ok. After some thinking :)

This works, but! :)

Let me try to explain.

Spammer sends spam, SA detects, but low spam score. We feed all those to 
our analyzer box, analyzer box finds URL thats bad, lists in a RBL...

Normally the next messages will have a higher score, since more URI-BL 
lists will detect them after a few minutes. Same goes for bayes scores and 
so on.

Is it a good idea to make it configurable when to use this feature? Eg, 
when its high spam? If its high spam i care less about the extra scores, 
high is high enough. If its low spam i certainly would be interested if 
its not high spam by then. Makes the difference of delivering or deleting 
in our case. Some ligic to only cache low spam for lets say 5 mins, and 
high spam an hour or so would be preferred. Else the detection will go 
down and thats bad.

Just some idea's, hopefully it helps. Really cool move i think this. Saves 
a lot of power, only need to figure out something for the above... to 
optimize things.


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