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Thu Jan 12 21:14:02 GMT 2006

them into the "real" queue directory. So far everything works okay. I get all 
the messages scanned and put into the "real" queue directory, but from there no
messages are delivered, locally or remotely. 
When sending a message from another host or locally i get something similar to
the following in my maillog:
Mar  1 21:02:39 u15151422 MailScanner[10150]: New Batch: Scanning 1 messages, 58
5 bytes
Mar  1 21:02:39 u15151422 MailScanner[10150]: MCP Checks: Starting
Mar  1 21:02:49 u15151422 MailScanner[10150]: Virus and Content Scanning: Starti
Mar  1 21:02:50 u15151422 MailScanner[10150]: Uninfected: Delivered 1 messages
There is no mentioning of qmail. I find this very strange... Before i would get
a complete history.
Checking the queue status i get:
[me at bubu bin]# ./qmail-qstat
messages in queue: 31
messages in queue but not yet preprocessed: 0
And qmail-qread returns nothing...
[me at bubu bin]# ./qmail-qread
[me at bubu bin]#
Looking into the real queue directory all messages seem to be at S4, waiting
for the qmail-send to kick in.
There are no message hung in the "" directory.
I've compared all permissions in my queue directory with a post that i found
No discrepancies found.
Processes all look fine.
qmails    9355  0.0  0.0  1420  348 pts/1    S    18:48   0:00 qmail-send
qmaill    9357  0.0  0.0  1380  408 pts/1    S    18:48   0:00 splogger qmail
root      9358  0.0  0.0  1412  332 pts/1    S    18:48   0:00 qmail-lspawn 
qmailr    9359  0.0  0.0  1404  312 pts/1    S    18:48   0:00 qmail-rspawn
qmailq    9360  0.0  0.0  1376  300 pts/1    S    18:48   0:00 qmail-clean
qmailq   10146  0.0  2.3 13580 11828 ?       S    20:01   0:00 /usr/bin/perl 
-I/usr/lib/MailScanner /usr/sbin/MailScanner /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf
qmailq   10150  0.0  5.1 28032 26212 ?       S    20:01   0:02 /usr/bin/perl 
-I/usr/lib/MailScanner /usr/sbin/MailScanner /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf
qmailq   10245  0.0  5.1 27896 26072 ?       S    20:01   0:02 /usr/bin/perl 
-I/usr/lib/MailScanner /usr/sbin/MailScanner /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf
qmailq   10253  0.0  5.1 27832 25984 ?       S    20:01   0:01 /usr/bin/perl 
-I/usr/lib/MailScanner /usr/sbin/MailScanner /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf
qmailq   10254  0.0  5.1 27832 25984 ?       S    20:01   0:01 /usr/bin/perl 
-I/usr/lib/MailScanner /usr/sbin/MailScanner /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf
qmailq   10255  0.0  5.1 27836 25988 ?       S    20:01   0:02 /usr/bin/perl 
-I/usr/lib/MailScanner /usr/sbin/MailScanner /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf
i do not have the qmailctrl script installed on my box, but using splogger i 
supose everything is logged into maillog. 
Trying to force the immediate delivery or error message by sending an alarm 
signal to qmail-send does not produce any output in my maillog file.
[me at bubu bin]# kill -s SIGALRM 9355
I wonder if using a supervised qmail is the only way to get more log 
information or if i'm missing something here. I guess it must be some 
permission problem, or a simple configuration issue.
To give you the complete overview here as well my configuration:
[me at bubu bin]# ./qmail-showctl
qmail home directory: /var/qmail.
user-ext delimiter: -.
paternalism (in decimal): 2.
silent concurrency limit: 1000.
subdirectory split: 23.
user ids: 2021, 2020, 2022, 0, 2023, 2520, 2521, 2522.
group ids: 2020, 2520.
badmailfrom: (Default.) Any MAIL FROM is allowed.
bouncefrom: (Default.) Bounce user name is MAILER-DAEMON.
bouncehost: (Default.) Bounce host name is
concurrencylocal: (Default.) Local concurrency is 10.
concurrencyremote: (Default.) Remote concurrency is 20.
databytes: SMTP DATA limit is 0 bytes.
defaultdomain: (Default.) Default domain name is
defaulthost: (Default.) Default host name is
doublebouncehost: (Default.) 2B recipient host:

doublebounceto: (Default.) 2B recipient user: postmaster.
envnoathost: (Default.) Presumed domain name is

helohost: (Default.) SMTP client HELO host name is
idhost: (Default.) Message-ID host name is
localiphost: (Default.) Local IP address becomes
Messages for localhost are delivered locally.
me: My name is
percenthack: (Default.) The percent hack is not allowed.
plusdomain: (Default.) Plus domain name is
qmqpservers: (Default.) No QMQP servers.
queuelifetime: (Default.) Message lifetime in the queue is 604800 seconds.
SMTP clients may send messages to recipients at
SMTP clients may send messages to recipients at

morercpthosts: (Default.) No effect.
morercpthosts.cdb: (Default.) No effect.
smtpgreeting: (Default.) SMTP greeting: 220
smtproutes: (Default.) No artificial SMTP routes.
timeoutconnect: (Default.) SMTP client connection timeout is 60 seconds.
timeoutremote: (Default.) SMTP client data timeout is 1200 seconds.
timeoutsmtpd: (Default.) SMTP server data timeout is 1200 seconds.
Virtual domain:
Virtual domain:
servercert.pem: I have no idea what this file does.
clientcert.pem: I have no idea what this file does.

Thank you

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