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Thu Jan 12 21:14:02 GMT 2006

to see more detailed documentation (yes, I've checked the mailing list
archives, read the FAQs etc - I just like having stuff laid out in one place
(read "am lazy")).
(Julian - if you'd be interested in having a complete MS newbie draft a
for-idiots-by-an-idiot guide I'd be happy to get involved).

I still wouldn't be confident enough to setup MailScanner in a production
environment myself (I've got for that) but isn't that the point - I
didn't just learn new stuff, I also got a better feel for what I don't know.

I've spent enough time in the Windows world of "plug it in and turn it on
straight out of the box without understanding how it works" to have
developed a healthy fear of this approach. I won't bore anyone with the
horror stories, I've a feeling I'd be preaching to the converted ;)


Matthew Day
University of Buckingham

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