OT Advice for server reinstalation

Rob Poe rpoe at plattesheriff.org
Tue Feb 28 20:01:28 GMT 2006

Let me re-state what I pounded out in 2 seconds and mis-spoke.

PERSONALLY, Im still not running on RH7, and all my boxen are not

BUT .. he asked for something that will support his old HW.  I figured
an upgrade method should preserve some of the driver/whatever settings
that are working for him now.

And get him on a newer version of Linux.

You can go from 7.x to Centos 3.x with basically no pain (gotta do it
in steps), even remotely.  A few glitches here and there, but really not
much pain.

CentOS 3.x to 4.x is painful, and there's a possibility of having to
boot from floppy(cd,whatever, a pain if you dont have remote card in

>>> alex at nkpanama.com 2/28/2006 12:00 AM >>>
I'd back up all the relevant data and configs and start from scratch.

Rob Poe wrote:
> I'd do an upgrade from RH7.x to RH9, then upgrade from RH9 to CentOS
> But that's just me :)
>>>> zichovsky at trul.cz 2/24/2006 8:14 AM >>>
> Hi There!
> My old RedHat 7 on server is comming to end of life, as some things
> not working correctly (but vital services like mail server
> and MS are still runing OK) so I am preparing for clean neew OS
> on same (old) hardware.
> HW is pretty old, it is PIII900 with 256MB RAM, SCSI HDDs on Mylex
> AcceleRAID 170 PCI RAID Controller (one RAID0 array)
> (Yes, I know that 256MB is low, but it realy was enough in our
> enviroment, swaping occured only in rare occasions.) I can't get new
> HW, have to use this one.
> I am asking for advice which Linux distribution and products to use.
> Distribution have to be completely free (fully downloadable from
> internet),
> must be rpm compatible (or other packaging system, but rpm is
> preffered),
> must support my old HW (with RAID card),
> must be "admin friendly" as I am not "big linux guru".
> Main Services which will be run on server (which are running also
> Sendmail
> POP3/IMAP (what to use here? Dovecot? Courrier? Something else?)
> Apache
> MailScanner 
> SpamAssassin
> MailWatch
> Samba
> WebMin
> FireBird
> DHCP, DNS and firewall are running on other servers 
> I am thinking of Fedora Core 4 distribution. But I am open for other
> suggestion from more knowlegeable people here.
> Thanks in advance for suggestions.
> With regards
> Pavel Zichovsky (zichovsky at trul)


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