OT: building a new MS machine and stuck at the firewall

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> Hi,
>    I'd be very interested in knowing about a config utility for iptables. 
> I've got two boxes, primary and secondary nameservers running bind9 that 
> iptables when running does not allow zone queries and i'm getting 
> flickering timeouts. I'm also getting a new CentOS box within the next 1 
> to two weeks that will be a dedicated mail server, ms-mta-sa-the works and 
> i'd like to not have to fight the firewall.
> Thanks.
> Dave.


I use Firewall Builder to manage my firewalls. It's an X (or Windows) 
application, so there is some overhead to use it. But the GUI is well 
thought out, it's easy to use, and it's an RPM install. There used to be 
some templates for setting up a starting firewall, but I'm a little behind 
on my upgrades, so they may be gone now. It's very intuitive and logical, 
and you can see what you have running due to the great interface. It starts 
with the normal init scripts upon reboot. And you can manage more than one 
firewall from whichever machine you decide to install it on. It will 
transfer the firewall rules to the firewall with SSH security.

And, it's a great learning tool for iptables, as you can review what it 
generates in its firewall files.


Steve Campbell
campbell at cnpapers.com
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