delay in sending after restart

Erik van der Leun evanderleun at
Tue Feb 28 10:30:51 GMT 2006


I've seen it more often, that after a restart of MailScanner, it takes
quite a while before mails actually get sent out... Mail is accepted, 
mail is scanned... but not sent through.

It took about 2 minutes before the first mail really got sent out.
This doesn't always occur at a restart though... not even that often either.

What can I do to debug this process... to see what MailScanner is waiting
for? (I'd rather not interrupt the mailflow in this though, it is a production
server after all :> )

Most interesting bit of this mail is now finished... for those who care
read on :)

Kind regards,
Erik van der Leun

The machine has quite enough resources...:
  - hyperthreading Intel Xeon 2800 processor
  - 1GB of RAM

Other noteworthy issues:

I use gentoo, with init scripts of the following url 
(Gentoo doesn't have a maintainer yet for MailScanner, thus it's still

Not really interesting maybe, but here is the only output of these 

  * Stopping MailScanner...
  * checking MTA availability for MailScanner...
  * Stopping incoming sendmail...
  * Stopping outgoing sendmail...

  * checking MTA availability for MailScanner...
  * Starting incoming sendmail...
  * Starting outgoing sendmail...
  * Starting MailScanner...

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