4.51.3 -- Re: Beta 4.51.2: "Use TNEF Contents"

Peter Peters P.G.M.Peters at utwente.nl
Tue Feb 28 10:09:55 GMT 2006

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Julian Field wrote on 28-2-2006 10:54:

>>>You mean the Queue-ID. And it shouldn't only show "replaced" but also
>>>"added" if that was the action.
> The removal of the winmail.dat is done in a totally different place  
> from the addition of the TNEF attachments. So I would have to re- 
> evaluate the config option (which could potentially involve a lot of  
> work) just for the log line. I'm currently leaning towards listing  
> the queue-id and the TNEF attachment files that were added.

This would mean one line where you tell the winmail.dat was removed and
another were you state the files added?
If both contain the queueID this would be enough.

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