OT: building a new MS machine and stuck at the firewall

Dennis Willson taz at taz-mania.com
Mon Feb 27 22:50:07 GMT 2006

You can use Webmin to manage the IPtables rules.

If you're new to managing Linux, Webmin can make life a lot easier.  You 
can also sometimes learn a few things by looking at the config files 
before and after you do something in Webmin to understand what the 
configs are really doing.


Julian Field wrote:

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>Joshua Hirsh wrote:
>>>Any simple command ex: service firewall stop chkconfig firewall or
>>>something to turn it off?
>>Hi Billy,
>> You have a few options:
>> 1) type 'setup' as root and disable the firewall from there
>> 2) type 'service iptables stop', and 'chkconfig iptables off' (this disabled the firewall startup script)
>> 3) for a temporary removal until next reboot, type 'iptables -F' (this flushes out the iptables rules)
>Once you've got iptables in, how do you configure it?
>Presumably there are some reasonable firewall configuration tools 
>included with RHEL/CentOS?
>I've always just done it the hard way, any time I've needed it (which is 
>rarely, we have FW-1 connected to an active IDS), but there must be an 
>easy way.
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