OT: building a new MS machine and stuck at the firewall

Rob Freeman rob at robhq.com
Mon Feb 27 20:25:11 GMT 2006

service iptables stop

chkconfig iptables off

You can also run setup from a console and then choose System services to 
choose what is starting at boot time.


Billy A. Pumphrey wrote:
> Well I thought that I was not a newbie, but I am already stuck and
> having not did anything but install CentOS 4.2.
> I opted to enable the firewall during the setup, and now I do not even
> know how to turn it off let alone configure the iptables, as it seems
> that I need to do.  I searched and searched and I really just want to
> turn it off because it is not directly on the net.
> Any simple command ex: service firewall stop chkconfig firewall or
> something to turn it off?
> Thank you
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