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On 24 Feb 2006, at 16:19, Julian Field wrote:

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>> Julian,
>> If you send a rich text message with no body and Use TNEF is set  
>> to replace,
>> MailScanner goes into a loop dying and restarting. I tracked the  
>> error down
>> to line 375. I am not sure what is what there but  
>> the debug
>> message is:
>> read-open
>> /var/spool/mailscanner/incoming/16938/1FCdDL-0003Ai-DQ/ 
>> winmail.dat: No such
>> file or directory at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/MIME/  
>> line 435
>> Same with internal or external tnef parser. If you Change Use TNEF  
>> Contents
>> to add then it will pass. As it stands it would be fairly easy to DOS
>> MailScanner with an empty bodied rtf message.
> Well found, thankyou. This is why I have beta versions :-)
> Please try editing (in /usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner).
> On line 275 you should see this:
> 	next if /^msg[\d-]+\.txt$/;
> Please try commenting out that line and try the test again.

And another change too:
In around line 1680 there will be some code that says this:

   # Now try the same on all the parts
   my(@parts, $part, @keep);
   @parts = $entity->parts;
   foreach $part (@parts) {
     push @keep, $part unless DeleteEntity($message, $part, $tnef) == 1;

After that, add this line:
   $entity->make_singlepart unless scalar(@keep);

and try again.

Hopefully both of these combined will help solve the problem.

If you can see if this fixes the problem, I'll put it out in a new  
beta this weekend.

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