MailScanner Ports ?

Randal, Phil prandal at
Fri Feb 24 10:42:48 GMT 2006

Razor:	7/tcp and 2703/tcp (outgoing)
Pyzor:	24441/udp (outgoing)
DCC:		6277/udp (outgoing)
ntp:		123/udp (outgoing) (you do want the server time to be
correct, don't you?)
ssh:		22/tcp (incoming)
smtp:		25/tcp (in and out and shake it all about)
dns:		53/tcp and 53/udp  (outgoing)  (you need both)
http:		80/tcp (outgoing) used by freshclam  (and incoming if
you run mailwatch)


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	Hi guys,
	im securing my mail server.Just want to ask what port does MS
uses ? Like for updating viruses(CLamAV) and spamlists (SpamAssassin). I
already open ports 25; and 110, what else ? 


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