Beta 4.51.1: "Add TNEF Contents"

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Thu Feb 23 20:48:55 GMT 2006

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John Wilcock wrote:
> Rick Cooper wrote:
>> I guess I should have mentioned that in Outlook it does indeed show
>> the attachments twice. Once in the body of the RTF message and once
>> in the normal attachment (paperclip) section. If I am remembering
>> correctly ytnef removes the tnef attachments and creates the new
>> attachments. The Outlook users would have to open the attachments
>> for, say meetings and such, but they still work. I thought it was
>> working as Julian intended, that's why I didn't mention it
> So Outlook users see the attachments twice and non-Outlook users see a 
> useless winmail.dat attachment.
> In any case that means that the size of the raw message is roughly 
> doubled, which might pose problems with mailbox quotas and the like.
> Julian, how about an option to replace rather than add? Perhaps as a 
> single config file option with three values "No" (for Outlook-only 
> sites), "Add" (for the paranoid) and "Replace" (for the rest of us) or 
> whatever.
Good idea.
The option is now called
Use TNEF Contents = no / add / replace
and it all appears to work fine.

I'll put out a beta shortly, don't want to eat cold dinner :-)

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