Beta 4.51.1: "Add TNEF Contents"

John Wilcock john at
Thu Feb 23 12:24:43 GMT 2006

Rick Cooper wrote:
> I guess I should have mentioned that in Outlook it does indeed show
> the attachments twice. Once in the body of the RTF message and once
> in the normal attachment (paperclip) section. If I am remembering
> correctly ytnef removes the tnef attachments and creates the new
> attachments. The Outlook users would have to open the attachments
> for, say meetings and such, but they still work. I thought it was
> working as Julian intended, that's why I didn't mention it

So Outlook users see the attachments twice and non-Outlook users see a 
useless winmail.dat attachment.

In any case that means that the size of the raw message is roughly 
doubled, which might pose problems with mailbox quotas and the like.

Julian, how about an option to replace rather than add? Perhaps as a 
single config file option with three values "No" (for Outlook-only 
sites), "Add" (for the paranoid) and "Replace" (for the rest of us) or 


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