MailScanner, postfix and exchange server as a gateway - try these

Peter Russell pete at
Wed Feb 22 21:43:06 GMT 2006

Is it LDAP based? If so then it should be EASY.

Have a look at the Domino script i posted, look at the lines that do the 
filtering. Go and get and LDAP browser tool with a gui, like softera 
LDAP browser and go and look at your directory for the name of the field 
you neeed to filter and replace the line in the script.

Harondel J. Sibble wrote:
> Anyone got a script modified to work with Samsung Contact 8.x?  Our SC box 
> behind mailscanner already rejects email for non-existant users, but that's 
> after the MS relay tries to deliver it to the SC machine.  I'd love to have 
> the MS machine drop those connections...
> On 22 Feb 2006 at 14:47, Glenn Steen wrote:
>>Five words for you Pete... Put it in the wiki;-).
>>You should be able to upload the scripts (image or other file) too.
>>-- Glenn
>>On 22/02/06, Pete Russell <pete at> wrote:
>>>The postfix method of recipient list is superior to milterahead in that
>>>it doesnt rely on Exchange being up to function correctly, therefore it
>>>reduces the functionality of your gateway. IMO
>>>Please find attched the script we plodded from some one else, fixed it
>>>up and used oursewlves.
>>>1. It queries AD for ALL of the possible SMTP address for every user in
>>>the specified domain.

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