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> RE: MailScanner can't keep up
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>> by Postfix).  On average, MailScanner is reporting
>> taking about 900 seconds per 15 message batch.  I have
>> it limited to 10 child processes.  The server it is
>> running on is a 3.0 Ghz with 512 Mb memory and a 40Gig
>  What is the output of top ? 512 Mb of memory is very small by modern standards and I would think your main issue is memory. MailScanner is causing the system to swap out and hence slowing things right down.
>  I read somewhere that each child takes up 20Mb of memory, but on our systems top thinks its more like 200-300Mb each. I would guess this is dependant on SpamAssassin features being enabled etc.
Where did you see the 20Mb per child? I find it's more like 700/5 = 
140Mb per child. Which roughly matches your measurement. I recommend 1Gb 
RAM per CPU as a minimum. Anything less than that and it will start 
swapping. Say goodnight to your performance at that point :-(

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