Jonas Lilja jonas.lilja at exallon.sigma.se
Mon Feb 20 10:33:10 GMT 2006


my problem is that /var/log/maillog reports that MailScanner wants to use unrar (which I don´t want to use):

Feb 20 11:11:06 athena MailScanner[25350]: Unrar command /usr/bin/unrar does not exist or is not executable, please either install it or remove the setting from MailScanner.conf

I´m very confused because I have already commented out the unrar options I MailScanner.conf (and restarted MailScanner):

# Unrar Command = /usr/bin/unrar

# The maximum length of time the "unrar" command is allowed to run for 1
# RAR archive (in seconds)
# Unrar Timeout = 50

What can I do to solve this?

Regards /Jonas Lilja

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