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Robert Davison rob_27_preston at
Mon Feb 20 09:44:56 GMT 2006

The odd thing is that im not shutting it down manually. MailScanner is running constantly and I'm still gettting these messages every hour.

Glenn Steen <glenn.steen at> wrote:  On 20/02/06, Glenn Steen wrote:
> On 20/02/06, Robert Davison wrote:
> > I've recently installed MailScanner on a CentoOS 4.2 base. I'm getting the
> > following message from my cron.hourly
> > /etc/cron.hourly/check_MailScanner: MailScanner manually
> > shut down (/var/lock/subsys/ file exists).
> > Not restarting.
> > Can someone please explain whats going on here as my root mailbox is filling
> > with this messge every hour.
> > Thanks
> > Rob
> That is a "signal file" from the init script to tell the cron-job that
> there is a need to run... Or rather no need.
> It is created by sunning "service MailScanner stop" and removed by
> running "service MailScanner start" ... I'm guessing your run the
> former, the used manual measures to start everything up(?)... If you
> do "service MailScanner restart" everything should be cleared up.
"sunning" -> "running"
"I'm guessing your run the former, the ..." -> "I'm guessing you've
run the former, then ..."
Yet another such day...
-- Glenn (a.k.a. Le Grand Typo)
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