help with --lint errors

Michael Masse mrm at
Sun Feb 19 21:11:04 GMT 2006

I'm having a hard time trying to get a rules file to work with high scoring spam actions.
MS is at 4.50.14

in the MailScanner.conf file the relevant line is:
High Scoring Spam Actions = %rules-dir%/highscoringspam.rules

Here's the highscoringspam.rules file:
To:     abc at             forward foo at
To:     def at             forward foo at 
FromOrTo:       default         deliver header "X-Spam-Status: Yes"     header "X-Spam-Flag: Yes"

The default action is working fine, but the first two conditionals do not.    If I run:
MailScanner --lint highscoringspam.rules I get:

Error in line 2 of highscoringspam.rules, line does not make sense. Error in line 3 of highscoringspam.rules, line does not make sense. Can't continue processing configuration file until these errors have been corrected. at /usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner/ line 1640

I can swap line 1 and 2 and it always says there's a problem with line 2 and 3.     I don't know why it says there's a problem with line 3, because the default action is working.         Is --lint the proper way to check rule files?    What am I missing so that if high scoring spam is being sent to either abc or def it gets forwarded to foo at with every other high scoring spam just getting delivered with the appropriate header additions?   Are there any whitespace issues I need to be aware of?


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