Slightly OT: switching from Postfix to Sendmail

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Sun Feb 19 11:17:51 GMT 2006

On 19/02/06, shrek-m at <shrek-m at> wrote:
> On 19.02.2006 02:00, Glenn Steen wrote:
> >Yes? So what?!
> >You don't have your personal fix-sc'dript that takes care of these things?
> >Jeez...
> >
> i do not know why i should create such a symlink
> sendmail is sendmail  and  mailscanner is mailscanner.
> the admin(s) of the mailscanner box should know the difference.
Of course.
But sometimes (for."political reasons .... like the PHB, with thumb
firmly in the middle of the hand, "needing" admin rights...) will
present ... "problems" of the kind Julian details. My "advice" is more
a joke (on the "admin") than anything... Sure, it'd work, with a
little attention to details... But in a perfect world, one wouldn't
need any obfuscations at all:).
I do agree, IF one does such a thing, one need document it prominently
(the bozos you create it for doesn't read docs, so that'd be no issue
as to the "effectiveness":-).

Or you "solve" this with a LART. That has the added bonus of blowing
off some steam, so perhaps that is the best way:-).

-- Glenn
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