Matt Kettler mkettler at evi-inc.com
Fri Feb 17 19:31:10 GMT 2006

John Jolet wrote:
> On 2/17/06 1:06 PM, "Rodney Green" <rgreen at trayerproducts.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Will IMAP and POP3 operate properly when installed side-by-side on the
>> same server?
> Why wouldn't they?  The only issue might be if a "user" logged in via imap
> and downloaded the list of headers, then the same "user" logged in via pop
> and downloaded all unread messages, not leaving copies on the server, and
> then the same "user" tried to read one of those messages via imap....they'll
> get a message that the message no longer exists (how that's phrased is a
> client-side issue).

I generally refer to this as a PEBKAC..

"Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair"


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