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Fri Feb 17 09:14:26 GMT 2006

On 2/17/06, Shortt, Kevin <KShortt at ussco.com> wrote:
> There were no takers on this one.  I'll restate to see if I can get some
> ideas...
> Is there a way to set the archive destination in a rules file with
> environment variables?
> Or call a function inside a rules file to set the variables?
> I want these variables to change every hour so that I can have the
> filenames
> Any help is greatly appreciated.

Have you tried? I know you can use environment variables in
MailScanner.confbut I'm not sure when it comes to rulesets. Anyway I
think MailScanner reads
the config and rulesets only every 4 hours (default time for children
restart) so it wouldn't change every hour like you want it to.

I would have done it outside MS with a cron job.

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