spam actions - forwarded mail bounces

Rodney Green rgreen at
Thu Feb 16 15:37:30 GMT 2006

Rodney Green wrote:
> Hello,
> I have spam actions rules setup to forward mail to an account so I can 
> review the mail for false positives. When I specify the account as 
> user at the server bounces the mail to the original sender. 
> When I specify the full hostname in the address, e.g. 
> user at, the mail is delivered to the spam review box 
> without problems. It's easy enough to specify the full hostname when 
> setting up rules. I'm just curious as to why this is happening. Anyone 
> care to enlighten me?
> Thanks,
> Rod

Replying to my own post. Just had a question that's sort of related. Can 
you use a delete and forward action on the same line?

Example: To:     default         delete forward spambucket at

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