MailScanner won't notify recipients when quarantine messages/attachments

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Thu Feb 16 10:23:36 GMT 2006

"Paul R. Ganci" <ganci at> wrote: spart cus wrote:

> check your < notify sender = yes/no > parameter
> */"Paul R. Ganci" /* wrote:
I have notify sender = no. The problem is not that I want to notify the 
sender. I want to notify the recipient. What appears to be happening is 
that no Email is delivered at all to the recipient. In the logs I will 
see that the attachment was stripped and that it was sent to quarantine, 
but that does no good for the end user who might need to retrieve something.

For grins I did set notify sender = yes. Then the sender did get 
notified appropriately. The recipient still did not receive any 
indication that an attachment was stripped.  Very strange behavior indeed.

Paul (ganci at

 what type of attachment ? so its ok set Notify sender = no since you dont want the sender specially a spammer having to receive the message. You would like to check the Reports and Responses portion

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