need advice on MTA and MDA

Craig White craigwhite at
Sun Feb 12 05:47:36 GMT 2006

On Sat, 2006-02-11 at 17:22 -0800, Chris Yuzik wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We're getting a new server ready for deployment and it will be a shared 
> "virtual domain" webserver/mailserver. Obviously will be running 
> MailScanner et al. :-)
> The hardware is a dual-Xeon 3 GHz machine with 4 x 400 GB hard disks in 
> a RAID-5 array, 2 GB of ECC memory all in a 1U server. It's about as 
> loud as a large hovercraft--fortunately it won't be living in our 
> office. It's been torture-tested for the past couple of months here at 
> our office and it's more than rock-solid stable. We've decided on Centos 
> 4.2, x86_64 edition for the OS. We're also going to be using Webmin and 
> VirtualMin to make managing the virtual domains easier.
> Here's where the advice request comes in:
> Our old server that we're migrating /*from */runs Sendmail and Procmail. 
> The new machine will be running _________ and _________.
> What is the concensus as to what those blanks should be? Should I stick 
> with Sendmail, or move over to Qmail? What about Procmail? Postfix?
> Finally, our existing machine runs Squirrelmail and while it's very 
> basic, it does the job. Any suggestions for a more robust webmail that's 
> production ready?
MTA = postfix
MDA = cyrus/lmtp
POP3/IMAP = cyrus
webmail = horde
mailscanner (of course), spamassassin/clamav
sqlgrey (greylisting for postfix)

cyrus is beautiful, sieve backend is powerful enough and much easier
than procmail...users can't deal with procmail. Cyrus is designed for
virtual hosting/virtual users (suggest you use LDAP but can use SQL
backend) and then users don't have shells, home directories and other
stuff to deal with).

horde has 'ingo' for managing backend filtering allowing users to
actually use procmail but it's messy to set up whereas sieve is a
breeze. horde/imp/ingo are simply the best of the pack and the other
packages are awesome too.


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