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Jonas Lilja jonas.lilja at exallon.sigma.se
Thu Feb 9 20:14:39 GMT 2006

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My filename.rules.conf looks like this;
# NOTE: Fields are separated by TAB characters --- Important!
# Syntax is allow/deny/deny+delete, then regular expression, then log text,
#           then user report text.
# If none of the rules match, then the filetype is allowed.
allow   text            -                       -
allow   script          -                       -
allow   archive         -                       -
allow   postscript      -                       -
allow   BMP             -                       -
allow   JPG             -                       -
deny    self-extract    No self-extracting archives     No self-extracting archives allowed
deny    executable      No executables          No programs allowed
deny    ELF             No executables          No programs allowed
deny    Registry        No Windows Registry entries     No Windows Registry files allowed
#deny   MPEG            No MPEG movies          No MPEG movies allowed
#deny   AVI             No AVI movies           No AVI movies allowed
"/etc/MailScanner/filetype.rules.conf" 27L, 1237C
Why does MailScanner block bmp´s even if I have allowed it in my conf-file?


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On Thu, 9 Feb 2006 16:58:17 +0100 Jonas Lilja <jonas.lilja at exallon.sigma.se> wrote:

> the problem is that MailScanner blocks bmp-files

See filename.rules.conf.

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