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So... logically then, one way I see to do something like this would be:

1. Create an archive account
2. Set scan messages to a ruleset containing:

From: and To:   archive at yourdomain.tld  no # to prevent 
outsiders from e-mailing the archive account and going through unscanned
FromOrTo:   default   yes

3. Have "Non spam actions" set to "deliver forward archive at yourdomain.tld"
4. Have "Archive Mail" set to a ruleset containing:
To:   archive at yourdomain.tld   whereveryouwantyourarchive
FromOrTo:   default   no
5. Figure out how to sort the single box into different mailboxes per 
user or domain or whatever.


shuttlebox wrote:
> On 2/8/06, *Alex Neuman van der Hans* <alex at 
> <mailto:alex at>> wrote:
>     True... you could set up a script that runs every so often and
>     deletes messages with X-Spam-Status: yes or something like that...
>     right?
> The quarantine/archive stores messages as they were when they came in 
> so they wouldn't have any X-Spam-Status headers you could rely on.
> -- 
> /peter 


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