Outlook Rich Text Format messages - how to let through?

Stephen Swaney steve.swaney at fsl.com
Wed Feb 8 17:21:08 GMT 2006

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> > I vaguely remember someone (on this list or some other list)
> > writing a
> > utility to extract tnef (winmail.dat) and re-attach them as normal
> > attachments. Let me see if i can dig it out.
> That would be fantastic, thank you.
> - jody
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I quote from the Sourceforge page:

"ytnef is a program to decode TNEF streams (winmail.dat). Unlike other
similar programs, it can also decode meeting requests and create VCal
entries for easy import. It can also create vCard entries from contact cards
and vTodo entries from task entries. It also has a Perl script that can be
used in procmail recipes to automatically reformat incoming mail

It might be possible rework this code to plug into MailScanner as a "Generic
Virus Scanner".


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