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Wed Feb 8 12:47:58 GMT 2006

On 08/02/06, rob <rob at> wrote:
> On Wed, 8 Feb 2006 12:34:11 +0100, Glenn Steen wrote
> > For the love of... Why on earth should you choose one of the worst
> > performers when it comes to updates? Even McAfee is (mostly)
> > better.... At least in my experience...
> > I work in the financial sector (sort of) too. We happened to have a
> > site license on McAfee, so that got included alongside BitDefender an
> > ClamAV (which is our "primary email AV", simply by dint of catching
> > most viruses), so ... that's OK. But the value it adds is limited
> > (still, the relatively few times it's been the "sole detector", I've
> > been glad to have it:-).
> >
> > I'd advice you to look at what you have on your workstations, You
> > might be able to use that at low/no cost.
> >
> > But the whole "auditing, then offering" thing is a bit smelly, don't you think?
> > Sounds to me like a pure racketeering thing "... you need OUR product
> > too to be safe...". One wonders what their cut is;-).
> >
> > If you are to add anything, BitDefender is a better fit (You could
> > argue that f-prot and avg are "big enough", and that McAfee, Trend,
> > Symantec and the rest aren't really worth your while).
> >
> > But then ... I sense a PHB here, somewhere:-):-) Perhaps your options
> > are limited by ... policy?
> Oh I agree, I am not a fan of anything norton, but was asked by the allmighty bank to
> add something they understand.  The joys of big buisness.  We have used AVG here on
> workstations and servers since 1999 with very good success.  They were a little iffy on
> us using that.  I will see if I can convince them about us adding bitdefender instead,
> but have a feeling they will balk.  The other one we mentioned and they seemed ok with
> was sophos.
Sophos is interresting, since you could go with the "no fork penalty"
SAVI perl module. Haven't used it myself, but there are quite a few on
the list who will (<joke>not only swear at it, but actually</joke>:)
by it.

Good luck
-- Glenn
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