Outlook Rich Text Format messages - how to let through?

Jim Holland mailscanner at mango.zw
Wed Feb 8 08:24:07 GMT 2006

On Tue, 7 Feb 2006, Jody Cleveland wrote:

> Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 14:05:13 -0600 
> From: Jody Cleveland <Cleveland at winnefox.org>
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> Subject: Outlook Rich Text Format messages - how to let through?
> I'm running MailScanner ver. 4.50.15 on a redhat 4.0AS server that then
> routes to an exchange 2003 server. I recently upgraded to this version
> of MailScanner, and I'm noticing these reports from the quarantine:
> MailScanner: No Outlook Rich Text Format messages due to security hole,
> use HTML instead (msg-2611-3.txt)

I noticed something interesting with the blocking of TNF attachments: When
an Outlook Express user complained and I released the message from
quarantine it was delivered successfully but the attachment still appeared
totally invisible to the OE user.  It seems that as OE is incapable of
parsing these attachments it ignores them completely.  Is this what other
people have found?  If I am correct, then it is a major benefit to have
them blocked so that the recipients can for the first time see what they
are missing because of the senders' incompetent MS Outlook configuration.


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