symantec scan on MailScanner

Rob Freeman rob at
Wed Feb 8 01:47:59 GMT 2006

Alex Neuman van der Hans wrote:
> BDC?
> Rob Freeman wrote:
>> Alex Neuman van der Hans wrote:
>>> Which ones do you already have?
>>> Rob Freeman wrote:
>>>> I was wondering if anyone was using this with MailScanner.  We are 
>>>> looking to add another virus scan engine and got a good deal 
>>>> through our parent company.
>>>> Thanks in advance
>>>> Rob
>> Currently using clam, f-prot, and avg.  We just got audited, and they 
>> wanted us to add one of the " big " vendors to the list. 
They do not include that on the " big " ones.  We work for a bank and 
they want something the recognize like mcafee, Symantec, etc etc.  We 
have not had an email virus in 3 years, but per the audit they asked for 
more of a known name scanner.  They gave us a deal on Symantec.  The 
wonders of working for a big company. 

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