More 4.50.15 woes on FreeBSD

Julian Field MailScanner at
Tue Feb 7 11:42:47 GMT 2006


On 7 Feb 2006, at 03:28, TCIS List Acct wrote:
> TCIS List Acct wrote:
>> Ok, I've tracked down part of the problem (from the 4.48.4-2  
>> release notes):
>> - Rearranged SpamAssassin spam.assassin.prefs.conf file, it is now  
>> read by SpamAssassin via a link called "" in the  
>> site_rules directory.  It is no longer read directly by  
>> MailScanner, it is just read by Spam-Assassin during its normal  
>> initialisation process.
>> This really hosed those of us not using an RPM or  
>> script (and those of us dumb enough not to read the relnotes  
>> before doing this :)) -- it caused my SA prefs not to be read in,  
>> and thus caused SA to use its default settings (Bayes on, DNS BL's  
>> on, etc) which caused the majority of the performance problems.
> Unfortunately the above was just a temporary fix -- the problem has  
> cropped up again.  Specifically, if I let 4.50.15 run for a few  
> hours, it appears to leak memory and/or zombie perl processes to  
> such an extent that the box runs out of RAM and swap space.  This  
> occurs with the new SpamAssassin cache turned off as well, so that  
> isn't the issue.  Here is a snippet of "top" when it is occurring:
> last pid: 97100;  load averages: 16.75, 20.74,  
> 26.46                     up 63+05:29:19  21:18:11
> 297 processes: 53 running, 191 sleeping, 53 zombie
> CPU states: 22.6% user,  0.0% nice, 13.4% system,  0.3% interrupt,  
> 63.7% idle
> Mem: 1529M Active, 183M Inact, 287M Wired, 7412K Cache, 199M Buf,  
> 3004K Free
> Swap: 2048M Total, 960M Used, 1088M Free, 46% Inuse, 452K In, 4804K  
> Out
> I have the number of child processes set at 10, but there are 100+  
> MailScanner processes according to a ps -aux | grep MailScanner
> $ ps -aux | grep MailScanner | wc -l
>      100
> Note that downgrading to 4.47.4 on the same box (all I do is change  
> the symlink to where /opt/MailScanner points to) immediately solves  
> the issue and the box runs normally from that point on.  The  
> MailScanner.conf files for both versions are using near identical  
> parameters (same number of a/v scanners, same DNSBL's being used,  
> same spam.assassin.prefs.conf, etc) so I am certain it is something  
> that changed code-wise between 4.47.4 and 4.50.15.
> Julian, I'll be happy to troubleshoot further if you give me some  
> pointers on what to try next.

Please edit and locate line 1434 which should say

if (MailScanner::Config::Value('mta') =~ /sendmail|exim|postfix/i) {

I don't know what MTA you are running, so you will need to choose the  
appropriate bit of the line above so that instead of saying sendmail| 
exim|postfix it says exim|postfix for example. Note the | symbol is a  
pipe (vertical line separator) and not a lower case ell or upper case  

	perl -c
to check you got it right.

Then restart MailScanner.

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