permissions problem on startup

Rick Chadderdon mailscanner at
Mon Feb 6 21:47:48 GMT 2006

We have something in common other than the same, odd permission
problem.  I had also started to set that server up hardened and then
changed my mind.  I checked everything I could think of at the time, but
since I had the server working I kind of forgot about it 'til I started
noticing the other little issues, all of which could easily have spun
out from that one thing.

I have just about a dozen production servers, all of which were Gentoo
at one time.  A couple of years ago, I'd have said the same thing.  :) 
My primary workstation is still Gentoo, but I have enough spare time to
tinker with just one box.  Not with a dozen.  Oh, I was wrong about the
mailserver being my last Gentoo server.  I still have two.  One is for
backup storage and one is a Samba DC/fileserver.  Those haven't given me
any problems at all.  Hm.

John Jolet wrote:

> you mean "perldoc postdoc"?  no errors, but I will say on this box, 
> sudo doesn't work because of what it claims are permission 
> root can't read /etc/sudoers...right.
> I've got 30+ production gentoo boxes running and this is the first 
> time i've seen anything like this happen.  I had started to set this 
> box up hardened, but then changed my mind, so I could very well have 
> installed pax or something like that and then not gone with the 
> hardened toolchain.  Just for the record, I'm fully confident that 
> the problem is NOT a mailscanner issue.  but this is a test box, and 
> artifacts of this sort are acceptable at this time.  The box I REALLY 
> run mail through is an FC4 box.  Just wanted to look at mailscanner 
> as a replacement  for amavis-new.  Had some problems with it, and the 
> debug information it gives you is useless..

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