permissions problem on startup

Rick Chadderdon mailscanner at
Mon Feb 6 18:24:31 GMT 2006

I ended up having to give the postfix user a shell, su to postfix and
then run check_mailscanner.  Sounds like what you finally did.  I kept
having little glitches with that machine, though.  Nothing serious, just
little  things like having to jump through odd hoops to launch
MailScanner...  perldoc would never work, claiming it was missing
modules that *were* installed...  There were a few other strange
problems, always involving perl apps.  I'm guessing that the problem was
one of mangled permissions somewhere deep in the perl tree, but I never
found out.  I finally decided that Gentoo simply requires too much
babysitting for me to want to use it on a production server.  Last week
I put together a Centos 4.2 box, moved all of the mail over there,
installed the latest MailScanner and everything was fine.

I really like a lot of things about Gentoo, but it's little things like
this that have made me pull it off all of my production servers. The
primary mailserver was the last holdout.   Just curious:  Do *you* get
an error if you try 'postdoc postdoc'?


John Jolet wrote:

>>> yeah, I thought of that.  If I give postfix a shell, su - postfix  I
>>> can view the file just fine.  It appeared to me when I looked at 
>>> that module that it was mostly concerned with ldap servers.  was I 
>>> incorrect?  I don't have any, and that portion of the config file 
>>> is commented out.  just grasping at straws at this point.
>> I would not advise you try to work out how the configuration 
>> compiler works, it's pretty complex. :-)
>> If you do su - postfix then cd / then cd down each dir to the  file's
>> location, does that all work at every step?
> yes, it does.  That gave me an idea, however.  su - postfix from 
> root, THEN run check_mailscanner, and it works.  so I can start it as 
> postfix if i'm postfix.  I guess I can handle that.....but it's still 
> odd.

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