MajorSophos update

Mark Nienberg gmane at
Mon Feb 6 02:36:04 GMT 2006

According to the Sophos release notes:

"There are two versions provided for Linux/Intel (libc6). Older libc6 
systems should use the Linux on Intel (using libc6) version. This will 
work on systems with glibc 2.0 and 2.1. Newer libc6 systems with glibc 
2.2 or above should use the glibc 2.2 tarball; this incorporates new 
features such as large file support and improved multi-threading 

I guess this has been true for some time, but I have been happily 
(blindly?) using the older libc6 version with no problems on systems 
that could be using the glibc2.2 version.  I recently switched to the 
glibc2.2 version though and had to tweak MajorSophos a bit to get it 
working. (MajorSophos is a shell script that downloads and installs the 
latest sophos program, usually run from cron once per month. 
MailScanner takes care of the hourly IDE updates.)

The updated MajorSophos is available at

This version downloads and installs sophos for glibc2.2 by default but 
still has the older download file indicated in a comment line.  It also 
has more complete version reporting since sophos now versions the 
product, engine, and virus data separately.

It also unpacks the downloaded file before calling MailScanner's sophos 
installation script, since that script only unpacks the older libc6 version.

Mark Nienberg
Tipping Mar + associates
Berkeley, CA

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