4.50.15 - Big problems on FreeBSD / exim

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Mon Feb 6 16:37:54 GMT 2006

Julian Field wrote:
> I have just released a new beta 4.50.12. See the Change Log for all  
> the details, it's getting pretty long this month.
> 1 particular feature I would like you to test for me: please set
> 	Virus Scanners = auto
> and see what it does.
> Thanks guys!

We upgraded to 4.50.15 (from 4.47.4, which has been running fine) last 
night on our (4) MailScanner boxes.  They are running FreeBSD 4.9 (a few 
4.10) with 2GB of RAM and (1) 36GB 15KRPM SCSI drive.  We run exim as 
the MTA (version 4.34) with a split spool.  We use 3 different A/V 
scanners (mcafee, f-prot, and kaspersky) and have SpamAssassin 3.1.0 
installed w/Perl 5.8.2.  We load balance the incoming load via multiple 
DNS A-records, which has always worked fine.

Anyway, after the upgrade, performance went down big time, and all of 
the boxes eventually died with an "out of swap space" type message (I 
did check that the disk has plenty of free space after a hard reboot to 
get the box back up and responsive).  I'm still investigating (we've 
reverted back to 4.47.4 and are working our way through the 80,000 
message backlog) but I thought I would report it ASAP.

I did have the new SpamAssassin caching turned on, but other than that, 
I did not make any changes to my MailScanner.conf compared to the 
previous version.  I did install the latest DBI and DBD::SqlLite via 
CPAN without a problem.

We have MailScanner doing the RBL lookups against various DNSBLs, and it 
doesn't pass it to SA if it his a RBL.  We have a copy of djbdns's 
dnscache running locally on each box for DNS lookup speed.  If it does 
pass a RBL check, SA does do its normal amount of checking, including 
SURBL lookups.  I do have a few rulesets I got from Rules De Jour 
installed and working, and I do use the "Is Definitely Not Spam = 
&ByDomainSpamWhitelist" for whitelist lookups.

Once we catch up on the queue, I'll try and turn on debugging to see 
what the issue is.


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TCIS - TulsaConnect Internet Services

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