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Anthony Peacock a.peacock at chime.ucl.ac.uk
Mon Feb 6 10:02:43 GMT 2006

Hi Peter,

shuttlebox wrote:
> On 2/6/06, *Anthony Peacock* <a.peacock at chime.ucl.ac.uk 
> <mailto:a.peacock at chime.ucl.ac.uk>> wrote:
>     Has anyone installed MailScanner 4.50 on Solaris yet?
>     Does the change in the default setting have an impact on Sendmail 8.13
>     and Solaris?
>     Up to now I have not had to change the default setting of Lock Type.
>     Will this combination work equally well with posix or flock settings, or
>     will I need to force Lock Type to be flock when I upgrade?
> I assume that as with other config options the lock type will stay set 
> as flock if you had that before. Just check it before you start up again 
> if you're not sure.

Thanks for the response.  I have never had to set the Lock Type setting, 
that is why I am asking. It was always empty and took the default.

Logically, I am assuming that I will now need to set it to flock.

I just wanted to see if that assumption is correct.

Anthony Peacock
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