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Anthony Peacock a.peacock at chime.ucl.ac.uk
Mon Feb 6 09:42:07 GMT 2006


Julian Field wrote:
> Robert A. Thompson wrote:
>>> My best guess would be the Lock Type setting. If you are on Linux 
>>> running
>>> sendmail 8.12 or older, you need to set Lock Type = flock, as it will 
>>> use
>>> posix by default with sendmail. This is a change to previous versions,
>>> most of my users run 8.13 on Linux so the default is set for them so 
>>> it is
>>> correct for most people. But yours may be wrong.
>> appears to be a good guess (Thanks Julian).  I've started tweaking with
>> the locking and so far so good.  In our case, I set it to posix.  We are
>> running rhel4 with sendmail 8.13 and mailscanner 4.49 (fixing to go to
>> 50).  We hadn't set any settings on lock type, but setting to posix and
>> restarting appears to be doing the trick.  (still early though)
> sendmail 8.13 on Linux is the classic one that always needs to be posix. 
> This has become the default in MailScanner 4.50.

Has anyone installed MailScanner 4.50 on Solaris yet?

Does the change in the default setting have an impact on Sendmail 8.13 
and Solaris?

Up to now I have not had to change the default setting of Lock Type.

Will this combination work equally well with posix or flock settings, or 
will I need to force Lock Type to be flock when I upgrade?

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