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Mon Feb 6 09:30:31 GMT 2006


On 6 Feb 2006, at 09:21, Glenn Steen wrote:

> On 04/02/06, Julian Field <MailScanner at> wrote:
>> Glenn Steen wrote:
>>> BTW, Jules ... Could you, pretty please, look at my post about typos
>>> in actions? Or has that area been covered extensively before?
>> A patch for is attached. Apply the patch with
>> cd /usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner
>> gunzip
>> patch <
>> then restart MailScanner.
>> It logs the error message to syslog and then adds the "deliver"  
>> action
>> to whatever you have set, just for safety so that no message is  
>> dropped
>> because of your typo.
>> Due to the the list of spam actions is now parsed, as it has  
>> arbitrary
>> strings (including possibly multiple spaces) for headers, and email
>> addresses in it, it is no longer just a list of possible words. So it
>> cannot be caught by --lint.
>> So it can only be detected when it is called at run-time, hence the
>> extra safety measure of adding the "deliver" action.
>> Let me know how you get on.
> Applied to my 4.50.14, working perfectly (reintroduced the error, and
> it still delivered... And carped nicely in the error log).
> Thank you.
> Will this be in the next release?

Now you've confirmed it works, it will be in the next release.
Thanks for testing it.
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