Typo in Action...

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 18:52:11 GMT 2006

... or "Le Grand Typo" strikes again....

Jules, what exactly happens to mails that hit an Action with a typo in
it? And why doesn't MailScanner --lint pick up the typo?
Let me explain what happened:

Happy as a seal in a fish-shop I was busily tweaking my
MailScanner.conf yesterday. During that time one of the Action
statements accidentally happened to "morph" into
Spam Action: deliverheader ...
where ... is (of course) the rest of the actions on that one.

After a not too long while, I discovered the typo and rectified it.
Messages where passingthrough (according to MailWatch), but never
being delivered.... And in the logs, there were never any mention of
the usual requeueing (sory, am 2home, so no log examples today).

I started hunting around (in the postfix queues and in
/var/spool/MailScanner/*) but couldn't find any trace of them. Did I
just deliver those into the bit-bucket?

I've been running MailScanner --lint extensively, also when the error
was there, but it never ever gave any indication that anything was
wrong... Does the lint try these with just a plain --lint, or do I
need use any of the other new (and as of yet untried, by me) options?

And now you all know why I'm "Le Grand Typo":-)
-- Glenn
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