Bayes not working after upgrade to 4.50.14

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Thu Feb 2 15:23:26 GMT 2006

On 02/02/06, chardlist <chardlist at> wrote:
> I successfully upgrade to 4.50.14 tonight, I love the new features
> especially the hires time reports.
> I've noticed that after the upgrade MailScanner (or spamassassin) is no
> longer paying attention to my spam.assassin.prefs.conf file.  The bayes
> database is not being used in the path I've specified, and other options
> I've configured in there, such as bumping the bayes score,
> I'm on a cPanel server so I upgraded using a scripted provided by
> which has been successful for me in the past and was
> adapted for MS 4.50.14  That's about the only unique thing I can think of
> that might make my upgrade a little different.
> My before upgrading my MailScanner.conf file had this value in it:
> SpamAssassin Prefs File = %etc-dir%/spam.assassin.prefs.conf
> The after the upgrade that directive is not present.
> MS 4.50.14
> RH 9
> Exim 4.52
> Thanks for any help!
> -Brendan
Do you have a symbolic link in your site rules
directory pointing to spam.assassin.prefs.conf? If not, you need
create one. Do
spamassassin --lint -D 2>&1 | less
and look for the site rules dir, to find out where it is on your system, then
ls /path/to/site/rule/dir/
If that fails, you need do
ln -s /path/to/spam.assassin.prefs.conf /path/to/site/rule/dir/

-- Glenn
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