Password Protected PDFs

Andrews Carl 448 Carl.Andrews at
Thu Feb 2 02:27:55 GMT 2006

Sorry this would be important:
Virus Scanners = clamav bitdefender sophos

MailScanner Version: 4.5.10

Thanks again!
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I am having a problem allowing password protected PDFs in from an address to an address using a ruleset. The ruleset works great, if I put the lines in the virus.scanning.rules file. I tried the Allow Password-Protected Archives option, but PDFs are not achives and so mailscanner, correctly, ignores that rule. The log file shows "MailScanner [####]: Viruses marked as silent: Password protected file .", so this is a virus setting but I can not find it. Could someone tell me what option I need to point to my ruleset or do I have to use the virus.scanning.rules?



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