ALL_TRUSTED problems

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This is my tinking on this as well since this is much easier to test. As
you say if MailScanner is not reading this configuration setting it is
also going to ignore the "trusted_networks" setting as well as in my
situation here. Oddly if I modify or add an invalid entry, spamasaasin
--lint is detecting and issuing an appropriate wanrning about the error.

At this point I am pretty much stumped as to what is going wrong here.

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If not, you need to find out why that isn't working first.

The fact that "score ALL_TRUSTED 0" doesn't work implies that your
config files are NOT being parsed by spamassassin.

That is a a truly major problem with your system if it's still oging on.
That's horribly bad. Stop worrying about how ALL_TRUSTED works, and
worry about why you can't get SA to honor your configuration.

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