spamassassinprefsfile at line 1377

Scott Silva ssilva at
Wed Feb 1 16:36:41 GMT 2006

Devi S spake the following on 1/31/2006 7:30 PM:
> */Scott Silva <ssilva at>/* wrote:
>     >
>     > Please advice. Thank you.
>     Is this an upgrade?
>     Did you run the upgrade_MailScanner_conf script?
>         I think I didn't do that this time. Julian also advised to do
>     it. Can I do it now or should I do it only during next upgradation?
You can run it now. It is always a good choice to either run it everytime, or
if you are good with diff, you can see the changes and incorporate them
yourself. The script is MUCH easier.


MailScanner is like deodorant...
You hope everybody uses it, and
you notice quickly if they don't!!!!

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