sendmail greet_pause feature

Rafael Mantilla rmantilla at
Wed Feb 1 16:20:29 GMT 2006

Julian, i think 'posix' lock type is needed since sendmail 8.12.x not 8.13.x,
i'm still using 8.12.6 in one of my servers and i have to change to posix lock
type because i have mails been processed twice (same mail id) by mailscanner.

Rafael Mantilla

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> Don't forget to change MailScanner.conf to
> 	Lock Type = posix
> when you upgrade sendmail to 8.13.
> You should be able to find a good RPM of this, so you don't build it 
>  from source and put everything in odd locations. Try http:// 
> and search his RPM repository.
> On 1 Feb 2006, at 10:26, Roger Jochem wrote:
> > I'm using the rpm version of sendmail in my centos-3 box (sendmail  
> > 8.12) and I would like to upgrade to sendmail 8.13 to use this  
> > feature, that seems really great. Is there some problem I should be  
> > aware, or the tar.gz version found at would work fine  
> > on my machine? Anyone using 8.13 at centos-3 or some similar OS?
> >
> > Regards
> >
> > Roger Jochem
> >

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