SpamAssassin.cache.db Question.

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Wed Feb 1 13:57:26 GMT 2006

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Subject: Re: SpamAssassin.cache.db Question.

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> 	Reason I ask is, the new setting for the db file for spamassassin
> is here.. /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/SpamAssassin.cache.db .

Yup. What are you looking for for comments ?  Julian commented on this 
before.  He had to put it somewhere that he knew MailScanner would be able 
to write to.

I'm sure there's a configuration setting to change where it lives.



	I just wanted to see if moving it would be of a necessity or not.
being that on Power Loss/Reboot it would be lost. I was just looking
for users own personal thoughts on the setting.

Thanks Brian

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