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> >Did you do a reload on mailscanner after editing?
> Yes
> >I'd also STRONGLY suggest running:
> >spamassassin --lint.
> >As previously suggested. You should run that EVERY time you edit a
> config file.
> Which I always do. No problems reported.

Ok, how about quoting a bit of the begining of "spamassassin --lint
-D" here? Just the part Matt's been asking about...

One gets the nagging feeling that for some reason spamassassin isn't
seeing this file you keep changing... At least not when running as the
user MailScanner is run as...
There's a thought, are you perhaps running Postfix (sorry if you've
mentioned this already:)? In that case, run the lint/debug as your
postfix user (might entail "su - postfix --shell=/bin/bash" if you
have it suitably secured).

Anyway, "try running it as close to what it's like when run in
MailScanner" is the general idea.
Things to note (I know this has been said already, but...:-) are, of
course, site rules directory, and the reading in of the

> Please use for all Technical support requests.
Really? A relative of mine has these BMC 1300s that consume
approximately as much oil as petrol.... Would the helpdesk handle that

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