Looking for Mailscanner+CommunigatePro scripts

Dennis Willson taz at taz-mania.com
Wed Feb 1 07:23:14 GMT 2006

I use Communigate and I run sendmail with MailScanner (actually several 
of them) as hubs prior to the Communigate server. Communigate has lots 
of nice end user functionality, Spam filtering it's weak on however. 
They didn't really put hooks in that would allow MailScanner to work 
effectively the way it does with other MTAs. Plus I like to have 
multiple mail hubs anyway and this way I can bring one down and work on 
it without the end users being interrupted or even knowing I'm doing it. 
Usually to upgrade, take my spare server and build a totally new machine 
and completely test it and then just swap it for one of the hubs, I then 
take that machine and build it exactly like the one I just put in and 
then replace the next hub and so on. No down time at all for the users 
which makes my life easier.

Brent Addis wrote:

> I used communigate at a previous company, it never really worked. you 
> are much better off setting up mailscanner as a gateway in front of 
> the communigate server.
> BG Mahesh wrote:
>> hi
>> I am looking for Mailscanner scripts that will work with 
>> CommunicatePro [stalker.com <http://stalker.com>]. I am unable to 
>> find the source anywhere.
>> If anyone has personal experience using this combo I would love to hear.
>> -- 
>> -- 
>> B.G. Mahesh 

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